Small bedrooms can be compact and cosy, but they can also quickly fill up! If you feel as though you’re fast running out of storage space for your clothing, no matter how many times you cull, then it may be time to look at clever ways to increase the amount of storage options in your room – and ensure your storage works smart, not hard. We’ve put together 10 simple solutions that will allow you to get the most out of any space.

  1. Splurge on a built-in robe
    One of the best ways to maximise storage space is by investing in a built-in robe. Whilst this will reduce the floor space available, a custom build will have been specifically designed to offer the most amount of storage possible.
  2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space
    Though you may not be able to reach the highest shelves of your cupboards, they are an excellent place to store seasonal and rarely used items, allowing you to use the more easily accessible areas for your day-to-day clothing instead.
  3. Maximise the space under the bed
    Your bed can also offer an excellent storage space for rarely used items – whether you slide drawers under the bed or invest in a specific design that can be easily lifted up, it can make a world of difference.
  4. Use shoe racks
    Though quite small, shoes can take up more space than anticipated if they aren’t stored correctly. A shoe rack can be the perfect solution, and can easily be tucked under existing hanging space – or move it your entrance way for maximum room in your bedroom!
  5. Using the inside of doors
    The inside of doors are an excellent space to hang scarves, belts and jackets – consider the inside of your wardrobe doors if you don’t want to add bulk to your bedroom door!
  6. Reorganise your existing cupboard
    Sometimes the solution can be as simple as reorganising your existing cupboard. Invest in drawer dividers can consider replacing a section of your hanging space with shelving instead, as this often allows you to take advantage of more storage space than you may have thought you had!
  7. Use furniture that doubles as storage
    Whilst bedside tables can be an excellent place for a lamp or space to store your phone and book, with the addition of drawers, they can be as functional as they are attractive – offering an excellent space for socks, underwear and other small items.
  8. Install shelving
    Though this may not provide a storage space for clothing, floating shelves can be an excellent place to display your treasured items – and ensure they aren’t taking up unnecessary space within your wardrobe or chest of drawers!

We hope these clever solutions have provided you with the inspiration you’ve been looking for, to ensure you get the most out of even the smallest of bedrooms.

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