When your home needs more storage, you have to decide whether you’ll invest in some stock cabinets or whether you’ll go custom. Although it’s considerably more expensive, more homeowners are opting to partner with custom cabinet makers for the simple reason that they can add value to your home that their stock counterparts simply cannot. In the list below, we’ve outlined just some of the ways that such a move can add style and functionality to your home:

  1. Study/Home Office
    Have you ever considered that the empty cavity underneath your staircase has a lot of potential? Many homeowners are choosing to use this dead space by converting it into a study nook or even a miniature library. By matching the cabinets with the staircase, ensure that the whole area flows together with an open plan feel.
  2. Wine Cellar/Storage
    Though you may not be able to reach the highest shelves of your cupboards, they are an excellent place to store seasonal and rareIf you’re a wine connoisseur, you probably have a decent collection that you need to store somewhere – even better if you can show the bottles off to discerning family and friends. Custom cabinet makers can create a temperature-controlled cellar to ensure that every bottle is served at its optimum, or you can go for more simple cubby hole storage.ly used items, allowing you to use the more easily accessible areas for your day-to-day clothing instead.
  3. Built-In Bedrooms
    Whether you have children of your own or grandchildren who visit regularly, some built-in bunk beds can be a great way to accommodate them plus all of the things that come with them. The bunks of today can feature recessed lighting, fun porthole-style windows, blockout blinds and even LCD screens so that they can watch television.
  4. Practical Furniture
    Even your home’s utility areas can be beautiful as well as functional – providing you pay attention to clutter. Custom cabinet makers will work with you to create zones that aren’t quite as they appear – why not use panels to disguise some of the space’s more practical features, such as a pull-out ironing board or pull out baskets for sorting laundry.
  5. Bathroom Vanity
    Anyone with children (particularly teenaged daughters) will know that there’s never enough space in the bathroom. A custom vanity can ensure that everyone has their own space (to store toothbrushes, hairbrushes, makeup and lotions). Your cabinet makers could even include a cavity underneath where a stool can be stowed – sit down as you apply your face.
  6. Sneaky Wall Partitions
    If you have multipurpose spaces, you might want to provide some separation between the various areas. This might be true of an open plan living and dining room or a bedroom with a private bath. The use of cabinetry can ensure a visual barrier between the spaces, as well as providing you with some practical storage.

At the end of the day, the main reason that a partnership with custom cabinet makers can add style and functionality to your home is that it can be designed to suit the area in question – even if that area is a little awkward or out of the norm. As you can see from the list above, there are a number of ways that the custom route can be used to improve your home – in ways that stock cabinetry can only dream of. If you’re prepared to spend the money, anything is possible.

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