If you’re lucky enough to have a career that allows you to work from home – be it every day or a few days a month – it’s important to have a space that is conducive to your productivity and success. If you’re wondering what makes a spare room into an effective home office, then you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Storage Space is Critical
    One of the most important aspects of any home office is ample storage solutions! Drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets are critical, no matter how big or small the office space. This will not only keep the area looking its best, but will also ensure you can find everything as its needed.
  2. Consider an Adjustable Desk
    If you’re sitting for long periods at a time, then you can cause damage to your physical and mental health – and an adjustable desk is the perfect way to combat this! Taking frequent breaks can also be incredibly beneficial.
  3. Use Appropriate Heights
    The height of your desk, chair and even computer can play a huge role in how comfortable and productive you are and is a key part in ergonomic design. Your feet should sit flat on the floor, the keyboard and mouse should be in line with your elbows, and the monitor should be an arm’s length away.
  4. Keep Your Cables Hidden
    Though they are a critical part of a modern office, cables can be an unsightly addition to your desk – and can be a contributing factor to stress, whether you realise it or not! With a carefully designed desk, cables can be kept out of sight – and out of mind!
  5. Prioritise Natural Lighting
    Natural lighting is a great way to improve the overall ambiance of the space, so it’s important that there is a steady source of natural sunlight throughout the day. However, it can become too bright and create glare, so blinds and curtains may be used to adjust light levels.
  6. Keep It Clutter Free
    Excessive clutter is a sure-fire way to increase your stress levels and draw your focus away from the task at hand! Rather than spend a productive day in your home office, you are more likely to become distracted and clean the space rather than complete your work.
  7. Complement the Architectural Style
    Rather than create a distinct space that is completely separate from your home, we find it far better to create a sense of cohesion by designing the office in a similar architectural style to the rest of the house.
  8. Add Greenery
    Lastly, you’d be surprised at the impact that living plants can have on your space. Not only do they filter the air to create a healthier environment, they are proven to increase productivity and boost your mood, making them a home office must have!

As you can see, transforming any space into a functional and ergonomic home office is important if you want to maintain consistent levels of productivity – even when you haven’t visited the office! By following these suggestions, we hope you find the inspiration needed to create an area keeps you focused and motivated, no matter often you work from home.

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