Shelves & Cabinets

Ideal for storing everything from your classical literature collection to décor pieces the serve no purpose other than to bring you joy, well designed bookshelves are a must for any home. Offering an attractive yet functional storage solution for every room in your house, they are the ideal way to display and store the items that you love. Whether you’re looking for shelving or sideboards, china cabinetry or a credenza, we can design and build cabinets in Sydney to suit any home.


Make your space work for you


Display your prized possessions with our bespoke shelving – used in any space within your home, you can effortlessly present photographs, ornaments, books and indoor plants in a whole new light.


With custom cabinets, you can discreetly hide items that don’t need to be on show, offering the perfect storage solution for any room of your home – from the bathroom or laundry, to the kitchen or living room.

If you have a space in your home that you feel could be put to better use, then we recommend bespoke bookshelves or cabinets. Designed specifically to meet your needs and complement your architecture, we can create beautiful storage solutions that you may never have considered!

There are many spaces throughout the home that aren’t used to their full potential, and we can help you take advantage of that – whether you want shelving next to your fireplace or under the stairs, around doorways or within the laundry, we can help you store items that you don’t use frequently whilst displaying your prized positions in their best light!

Perfect for every room

We believe attractive cabinetry has a space within every room – and every room can benefit from attractive cabinetry! No matter what your existing décor, architecture style or space constraints, we can design fixed, adjustable or floating units that complement any area within your home; with finishing’s that match your taste, from modern to traditional, Hamptons to Scandinavian. If you’re unsure which solutions and styles are best suited to your home, our interior designers can recommend the options are best suited to your space. Using the highest quality, locally sourced materials, we can ensure your home is taking advantage of the leading cabinets and bookshelves in Sydney without the impact on the environment.



How will you get build large units within my home?

In many instances, your custom cabinetry can be built in sections and carried into your home. Alternatively, we can disassemble all (or part) of the unit and reassemble it within your home.

How thick is your shelving?

We take time to ensure the shelving is able to support the intended weight – however, readily available thicknesses are 16, 18, 25 and 32mm, with other thicknesses available (though the cost will be affected due to the added labour and machine time).

If you’re looking for a way to effectively store and display your much-loved possessions, then we suggest bespoke shelving and cabinetry. Designed specifically for your personal taste and architectural style, you can be confident the end result will be perfectly suited to your home. Contact our experienced team today to organise a complimentary consultation – whatever you desire, we will bring to life.